Welcome to House Lannister week!

As we approach the premiere of the final season of Game of Thrones, we are dedicating each week to a different group of our favorite Westeros citizens. Check back each day for new articles and exclusive videos as we enter the Lion's Den!

House name: Lannister

House sigil: Lion

House words: Hear Me Roar

Home: Casterly Rock/King's Landing

Kingdom: The Westerlands

Explore the Lannister family tree

Revisit the Top 10 Lannister family moments

Let's give a big hand to Jaime, the (Redeemed?) Kingslayer

They say the lioness is the most dangerous of all - would you agree, Cersei?

Know things about Tyrion (he'll handle the drinking)

A Lannister always learns their history

Figure out if you belong to this house after all

Show your House Lannister pride!