This Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for friends, family, and premium entertainment! To show you our appreciation, we’re bringing you the ultimate entertainment experience with our annual Thanksgiving Free Preview. 

Enjoy the best shows and movies, non-stop action, captivating dramas, and hilarious comedies. From November 24-28th, feast on the best premium entertainment with HBO®, Cinemax®, Showtime®, and EPIX®. 

See below for what to watch and how to watch this holiday weekend! 


How to Watch

DIRECTV STREAM — live channels and on-demand

  • HBO East, HBO2, HBO Family, HBO Latino.
  • ActionMAX, Cinemax East
  • EPIX, EPIX 2, EPIX Hits


What to Watch

Marathons for a much needed time off


Dexter: New Blood | SHOWTIME®

Episodes 1-3 | November 25 @ 12am ET | November 26 @ 4pm ET

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Yellowjackets | SHOWTIME®

Episodes 1-2 | November 26 @ 10:30pm ET | November 27 @ 6pm ET


Succession | HBO2®

Season 3 | Episodes 1-6 | November 28 @ 3pm ET


Free Preview Schedule


11/24/2021The Prestige12:15 AMEPIX
11/24/2021The High Note12:30 AMCinemax
11/24/2021Simple As Water1:50 AMHBO
11/24/2021The Legend of Hercules2:24 AMCinemax
11/24/2021NFL Icons (S1:E8)2:25 AMEPIX
11/24/2021Condor (S2:E3)3:10 AMEPIX
11/24/2021Condor (S2:E4)4:00 AMEPIX
11/24/2021Sabrina5:15 AMEPIX
11/24/2021Unprotected Sets (S1:E5)5:35 AMEPIX
11/24/2021Under the Volcano7:15 AMShowtime
11/24/2021Tonight You're Mine7:25 AMEPIX
11/24/2021The 15:17 to Paris7:49 AMAction Max
11/24/2021The Space Between8:50 AMEPIX
11/24/2021Beauty Shop9:00 AMShowtime
11/24/2021Dear Rider: The Jake Burton Story10:15 AMHBO
11/24/2021The Fighter10:30 AMEPIX
11/24/2021When Harry Met Sally11:00 AMShowtime
11/24/2021Dances With Wolves12:30 PMShowtime
11/24/2021Condor (S2:E4)12:30 PMEPIX
11/24/2021Breaking News in Yuba County1:20 PMEPIX
11/24/2021Beatriz at Dinner3:00 PMEPIX
11/24/2021The Talented Mr. Ripley3:35 PMSHO 2
11/24/2021Apollo 133:35 PMShowtime
11/24/2021Last Holiday4:15 PMSHO 2
11/24/2021Music Box: Jagged4:15 PMHBO
11/24/2021Dear White People4:25 PMEPIX
11/24/2021The Gentlemen6:00 PMSHO 2
11/24/2021Minari6:00 PMShowtime
11/24/2021Spontaneous6:15 PMEPIX
11/24/202113 Hours: The Secret Soliders of Benghazi7:30 PMSHO EXTREME
11/24/2021The Humans8:00 PMShowtime
11/24/2021How It Ends8:00 PMEPIX
11/24/2021Fargo9:25 PMEPIX
11/24/202121 Bridges10:00 PMSHO 2
11/24/2021Even More Funny Women of a Certain Age10:00 PMShowtime
11/24/2021Hard Knocks: In Season: Indianapolis Colts, Episode 210:00 PMHBO
11/24/2021The Little Things10:50 PMHBO
11/24/2021Election11:05 PMEPIX
11/24/2021Zola11:30 PMShowtime
11/25/2021How It Ends12:50 AMEPIX
11/25/2021Dexter®: New Blood - S1, Ep. 31:00 AMShowtime
11/25/2021Midnight Cowboy2:00 AMShowtime
11/25/2021Condor (S2:E4)2:15 AMEPIX
11/25/2021NFL Icons (S1:E8)3:05 AMEPIX
11/25/2021Emperor3:50 AMEPIX
11/25/2021Desus & Mero®: S3, Ep. 534:00 AMShowtime
11/25/2021ALL ACCESS: S33, Ep. 14:30 AMShowtime
11/25/2021The Humingbird Project5:00 AMShowtime
11/25/2021Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter5:40 AMEPIX
11/25/2021The Way We Were7:00 AMShowtime
11/25/2021Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love7:15 AMEPIX
11/25/2021Senior Moment9:00 AMShowtime
11/25/2021Condor (S2:E3)9:00 AMEPIX
11/25/2021Condor (S2:E4)9:50 AMEPIX
11/25/2021The Hunger Games10:40 AMEPIX
11/25/2021Silver Linings Playbook11:00 AMShowtime
11/25/2021Gloria Bell1:00 PMShowtime
11/25/2021The Hunger Games: Catching Fire1:05 PMEPIX
11/25/2021Tom & Jerry1:13 PMHBO
11/25/202119172:00 PMSHO EXTREME
11/25/2021The Humans2:30 PMShowtime
11/25/2021The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 13:35 PMEPIX
11/25/2021The Mauritanian3:45 PMSHO 2
11/25/2021Billy Elliot3:58 PMCinemax
11/25/2021Michael Jackson: This is It4:30 PMSHOxBET
11/25/2021Forrest Gump4:30 PMShowtime
11/25/2021We’re Here 204-2075:00 PMHBO
11/25/2021The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 25:40 PMEPIX
11/25/2021Man on Fire6:30 PMSHOxBET
11/25/2021Queenpins7:00 PMShowtime
11/25/2021His Dark Materials S17:00 PMHBO Family
11/25/2021The Invisible Man7:55 PMAction Max
11/25/2021The Hunger Games8:00 PMEPIX
11/25/2021In the Heights8:00 PMHBO
11/25/2021BELLATOR MMA 245: Machida vs. Davis9:00 PMSHOxBET
11/25/2021Django Unchained9:00 PMShowtime
11/25/2021We’re Here, Season 2, Episode 89:00 PMHBO
11/25/2021Jurassic Park9:30 PMHBO2
11/25/2021Kevin Garnett: Anything is Possible10:00 PMSHOxBET
11/25/2021Underwater10:00 PMAction Max
11/25/2021The Hunger Games: Catching Fire10:25 PMEPIX
11/26/2021Dexter®: New Blood, S1, Ep. 112:00 AMShowtime
11/26/2021Hacksaw Ridge12:04 AMAction Max
11/26/2021The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 112:55 AMEPIX
11/26/2021Dexter®: New Blood, S1, Ep. 21:00 AMShowtime
11/26/2021Judas and the Black Messiah1:50 AMHBO
11/26/2021Dexter®: New Blood - S1, Ep. 32:00 AMShowtime
11/26/2021Rock of Ages2:24 AMAction Max
11/26/2021Yellowjackets - S1, Ep. 23:00 AMShowtime
11/26/2021The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 23:00 AMEPIX
11/26/2021Vice - S2, Ep. 104:00 AMShowtime
11/26/2021Barbershop 2: Back in Business4:30 AMShowtime
11/26/2021Sex Life (S1:E1)5:20 AMEPIX
11/26/2021China Moon6:20 AMEPIX
11/26/2021Last Holiday7:45 AMShowtime
11/26/2021Turkey Bowl8:00 AMEPIX
11/26/2021Just Mercy8:37 AMCinemax
11/26/2021Fruitvale Station9:40 AMShowtime
11/26/2021Hello, My Name is Doris10:05 AMEPIX
11/26/2021Moonlight11:05 AMShowtime
11/26/2021Florence Foster Jenkins11:40 AMEPIX
11/26/2021Land12:20 PMHBO
11/26/2021Minari1:00 PMShowtime
11/26/2021The Party1:35 PMEPIX
11/26/2021Vampire in Brooklyn2:50 PMEPIX
11/26/2021Kobe Bryant's Muse3:00 PMSHOxBET
11/26/2021Yellowjackets - S1, Ep. 23:00 PMShowtime
11/26/2021Dexter®: New Blood, S1, Ep. 14:00 PMShowtime
11/26/2021The Addams Family4:35 PMEPIX
11/26/2021Dexter®: New Blood, S1, Ep. 25:00 PMShowtime
11/26/2021Dexter®: New Blood, S1, Ep. 36:00 PMShowtime
11/26/2021Demolition Man6:05 PMSHOxBET
11/26/2021Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the
11/26/2021The Humans7:00 PMShowtime
11/26/2021The Bone Collector8:00 PMSHOxBET
11/26/2021Sonic the Hedgehog8:00 PMEPIX
11/26/2021Cusp9:00 PMShowtime
11/26/2021Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events9:40 PMEPIX
11/26/2021Django Unchained10:00 PMSHO 2
11/26/2021How to with John Wilson, Season 2, Episode 110:00 PMHBO
11/26/2021The Internship10:10 PMHBO2
11/26/2021Queenpins10:30 PMShowtime
11/26/2021Music Box: DMX (Documentary)11:00 PMHBO
11/26/2021Kajillionaire11:15 PMHBO Signature
11/26/2021Love and Monsters11:30 PMEPIX
11/27/2021Yellowjackets - S1, Ep. 112:20 AMShowtime
11/27/2021Yellowjackets - S1, Ep. 21:15 AMShowtime
11/27/2021Bill & Ted Face the Music1:20 AMEPIX
11/27/2021Cusp2:15 AMShowtime
11/27/2021Condor (S2:E4)2:55 AMEPIX
11/27/2021Eye of the Needle3:50 AMEPIX
11/27/2021Even More Funny Women of a Certain Age4:00 AMShowtime
11/27/2021Back on the Record with Bob Coasts 1044:00 AMHBO
11/27/2021The Lovers5:15 AMShowtime
11/27/2021Escape from Alcatraz5:45 AMEPIX
11/27/2021A Hidden Life6:27 AMCinemax
11/27/2021Under the Tuscan Sun7:00 AMShowtime
11/27/2021NFL Icons (S1:E8)7:40 AMEPIX
11/27/2021Star Trek: The Motion Picture8:25 AMEPIX
11/27/2021Queen Bees8:55 AMShowtime
11/27/2021A Choice of Weapons: Inspired by Gordon Parks10:00 AMHBO
11/27/2021Forrest Gump10:35 AMShowtime
11/27/2021Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan10:40 AMEPIX
11/27/2021Area Chica Infierno Grande (Hell In The Goal Area)11:05 AMHBO Latino
11/27/2021Star Trek III: The Search for Spock12:35 PMEPIX
11/27/2021Child 4412:38 PMCinemax
11/27/2021The Godfather1:00 PMShowtime
11/27/2021Curb Your Enthusiasm 1103-11061:00 PMHBO2
11/27/2021Boogie1:15 PMHBO Signature
11/27/2021Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home2:20 PMEPIX
11/27/2021The Invisible Man2:57 PMCinemax
11/27/2021In The Heights3:00 PMHBO2
11/27/2021Fandango At The Wall3:05 PMHBO Latino
11/27/2021Reign Over Me3:45 PMSHOxBET
11/27/2021The Godfather: Part II4:00 PMShowtime
11/27/2021Star Trek V: The Final Frontier4:20 PMEPIX
11/27/2021Insecure 501-5055:30 PMHBO2
11/27/2021Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country6:10 PMEPIX
11/27/2021Those Who Wish Me Dead6:15 PMHBO
11/27/2021Mario Puzo's The Godfather Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone7:20 PMShowtime
11/27/2021The Humans8:00 PMSHO 2
11/27/2021Queenpins8:00 PMSHOxBET
11/27/2021Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan8:00 PMEPIX
11/27/2021SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING®: Figueroa vs. Fulton10:00 PMShowtime
11/27/2021Star Trek Into Darkness10:00 PMEPIX
11/27/2021Ricky Velez: Here's Everything11:25 PMHBO Comedy
11/28/2021Star Trek Beyond12:15 AMEPIX
11/28/2021ALL ACCESS - S33, Ep. 11:30 AMShowtime
11/28/2021Dexter®: New Blood - S1, Ep. 32:00 AMShowtime
11/28/2021Gully2:20 AMEPIX
11/28/2021Yellowjackets - S1, Ep. 23:00 AMShowtime
11/28/2021Enter the Ninja3:50 AMEPIX
11/28/2021Promising Young Woman3:55 AMHBO
11/28/2021ALL ACCESS - S33, Ep. 14:00 AMShowtime
11/28/2021Forrest Gump4:30 AMShowtime
11/28/2021Wendy4:50 AMMore Max
11/28/2021Danica5:30 AMEPIX
11/28/2021Breaking News in Yuba County6:40 AMEPIX
11/28/2021Come Play6:53 AMShowtime
11/28/2021Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always7:39 AMMore Max
11/28/2021ALL ACCESS - S33, Ep. 18:00 AMShowtime
11/28/2021Shaun The Sheep Movie8:20 AMEPIX
11/28/2021Havana Street Party Presents: Beatriz Luengo8:50 AMHBO Latino
11/28/2021SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING®: Figueroa vs. Fulton9:00 AMShowtime
11/28/20212021 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony9:45 AMHBO
11/28/2021Condor (S2:E4)9:50 AMEPIX
11/28/2021The Peanut Butter Falcon10:45 AMEPIX
11/28/2021The Time Machine12:25 PMEPIX
11/28/2021ALL ACCESS - S33, Ep. 112:30 PMShowtime
11/28/2021Greenland12:45 PM 
11/28/2021The Humans1:00 PMShowtime
11/28/2021Let Him Go1:00 PMHBO2
11/28/2021A.I. Artificial Intelligence2:05 PMEPIX
11/28/2021No Man's Land2:30 PMSHO EXTREME
11/28/2021Hacksaw Ridge2:48 PMAction Max
11/28/2021Cusp3:00 PMShowtime
11/28/2021Succession 301-3063:00 PMHBO2
11/28/2021Entre Nos: The Winners 23:52 PMHBO Latino
11/28/2021Aliens4:30 PMSHO 2
11/28/2021Vice - S2, Ep. 104:30 PMShowtime
11/28/2021The X-Files: I Want To Believe4:32 PMCinemax
11/28/2021The Fifth Element4:35 PMEPIX
11/28/2021Wakefiled - S1, Ep. 65:00 PMShowtime
11/28/2021Attica6:00 PMSHOxBET
11/28/2021Yellowjackets - S1, Ep. 26:00 PMShowtime
11/28/2021Axios, Season 4, Episode 206:00 PMHBO
11/28/2021A Tiny Audience 1046:15 PMHBO Latino
11/28/2021Star Trek Into Darkness6:45 PMEPIX
11/28/2021Dexter®: New Blood - S1, Ep. 37:00 PMShowtime
11/28/2021Fruitvale Station8:00 PMSHOxBET
11/28/2021Vice - S2, Ep. 118:00 PMShowtime
11/28/2021Vice - S2, Ep. 118:30 PMShowtime
11/28/2021Dexter®: New Blood - S1, Ep. 49:00 PMShowtime
11/28/2021Condor (S2:E5)9:00 PMEPIX
11/28/2021Succession, Season 3, Episode 79:00 PMHBO
11/28/2021Higher Learning9:30 PMSHOxBET
11/28/2021Yellowjackets - S1, Ep. 310:00 PMShowtime
11/28/2021Condor (S2:E5)10:00 PMEPIX
11/28/2021Insecure, Season 5, Episode 610:00 PMHBO
11/28/2021Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season 11, Episode 610:30 PMHBO
11/28/2021Yellowjackets - S1, Ep. 311:00 PMShowtime
11/28/2021A House on the Bayou11:00 PMEPIX


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