One of the biggest moments of the day at DC FanDome delivered everything fan could have hoped for, as Zack Snyder released the first trailer for his upcoming HBO Max project Zack Snyder’s Justice League. The panel, titled “The Snyder Cut of Justice League,” included new footage, images, and news such as the format’s four-episode miniseries format and eventual edit into a full-length film.

Before we talk about it, take another look at the tremendous first trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League

New footage in the trailer includes our first look at Darkseid, a shot of the destroyed Hall of Justice used by the Justice League, Cyborg playing football, Flash saving Iris, Cyborg digging up Superman by hand, Cyborg “hacked” and another shot of his father killed, the original version of Steppenwolf (seen in Batman v Superman’s deleted scenes, restored in the Extended Cut), lots of great new action scenes, and the Flash in the Speed Force. The final shot of the trailer is the Flash expressing fear about Darkseid having already defeated super-powered aliens on other worlds, and Batman says Darkseid has never fought them, united.

It’s fuller, with more epic scale and connection to the previous Snyderverse releases Man of Steel and Batman v Superman. This looks to be the fulfillment of Snyder’s vision in a way that perhaps even his originally planned release would have been. It’s a magnificent trailer, to the tune of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, powerful and mythical, a thing of great beauty. It’s Zack Snyder’s Justice League, at last.

I say that because he now has had the time and resources to perhaps explore even further and more deeply all of the things he planned for his Justice League team before the first changes and cuts began in the aftermath of Batman v Superman’s release. His plans got trimmed down as production got underway, and throughout the process he had more restraints being placed upon him.

Now, he has his full original cut of the film and is able to build upon that, and has hopefully had more room and time with his HBO Max project to include intentions and threads he hadn’t had room or time for in his first cut. And since we know it’s four episodes of an hour in length, that’s four full hours, so I think I’m right that this will be even closer to Snyder’s truest vision for the story. The miniseries will be edited into a full-length four-hour film version afterward, too.

The new Justice League is a big part of HBO Max’s future plans, to attract more subscribers and signal an intention for much more development of the DC properties across many mediums and platforms. If Snyder’s Justice League is a big hit, then expect new versions of some other films as well, and likely spinoffs to get underway.

I’ve long been a vocal fan of Snyder’s work, and defended Batman v Superman from the onslaught of negativity it originally faced upon release. Just as an expanded version of that film revealed Snyder’s full vision and earned the film a better critical reaction and fan response, I expect his Justice League to help further redeem his vision for the DCEU in the eyes of critics and fans, and convince Warner and HBO Max of the value in seeing more of that vision come to life.

Part of the panel consisted of Snyder answering questions from fans, read to the filmmaker by members of the Justice League cast. Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher, and Ezra Miller all took turns asking questions, as did surprise questioner Patty Jenkins. I’ll let you rewatch the panel online to enjoy those interactions.

The panel also featured appearances by fans who helped make the “Release the Snyder Cut” movement a success, and they talked about their passion and faith in their own movement and in Snyder’s work. Snyder expressed his gratitude for the drive and belief of the fans, for their efforts that made this whole thing happen, and for their good work raising money for suicide prevention charities and spreading awareness.


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