Starting November 4th-7th, enjoy the EPIX® free preview on DIRECTV

Experience the variety of original series, hit Hollywood movies, and more available on EPIX®. Catch the series premiere of Condor on November 7 @ 9 PM ET. And, prepare yourself to watch the NFL Icons who didn't just change the game, but had the game change them. 

Tune to channels 558-560.


Here’s how to watch the EPIX® Free Preview on all your devices



  1. Open the DIRECTV APP 
  2. Select Watch Live TV and scroll to EPIX® (Channels 558-560)
  3. Tap Play and watch LIVE EPIX®!



  1. Turn on your TV and press Guide on your remote.
  2. Scroll to EPIX®  (Channels 558-560).
  3. Get comfy on the couch and watch LIVE EPIX® all month long!



  1. Go to DIRECTV.COM and sign in.
  2. Select Guide and scroll to EPIX® (Channels 558-560)
  3. Sit back, relax, and watch LIVE EPIX®!



Free Preview Schedule


11/4/2021Stonewall6:10 AMEPIX
11/4/2021In Search of Greatness8:25 AMEPIX
11/4/2021Intersection9:45 AMEPIX
11/4/2021Soldiers of Fortune11:30 AMEPIX
11/4/2021Twisted1:05 PMEPIX
11/4/2021Resident Evil2:45 PMEPIX
11/4/2021Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters4:25 PMEPIX
11/4/2021Star Trek Beyond5:55 PMEPIX
11/4/2021Minority Report8:00 PMEPIX
11/4/2021A.I. Artificial Intelligence10:25 PMEPIX
11/5/2021Dr. Phibes Rises Again12:55 AMEPIX
11/5/2021Chapelwaite (S1:E9)2:25 AMEPIX
11/5/2021Chapelwaite (S1:E10)3:15 AMEPIX
11/5/2021Fiasco (S1:E6)4:10 AMEPIX
11/5/2021Nick Offerman & Megan Mullally: Summer of '69 No Apostrophe5:10 AMEPIX
11/5/2021Troll 26:10 AMEPIX
11/5/2021Andy Irons: Kissed by God 7:45 AMEPIX
11/5/2021Star Trek Beyond9:30 AMEPIX
11/5/2021Minority Report11:35 AMEPIX
11/5/2021The Possession2:00 PMEPIX
11/5/2021Saint Maud3:35 PMEPIX
11/5/2021Blair Witch5:00 PMEPIX
11/5/2021Paranormal Activity 46:30 PMEPIX
11/5/2021Spell8:00 PMEPIX
11/5/2021The Deep House9:35 PMEPIX
11/5/2021Friday the 13th - Part III11:05 PMEPIX
11/6/2021Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter12:45 AMEPIX
11/6/2021Chapelwaite (S1:E10)2:20 AMEPIX
11/6/2021Breaking News in Yuba County3:15 AMEPIX
11/6/2021Sweeney Todd4:55 AMEPIX
11/6/2021Shaun the Sheep Movie 6:55 AMEPIX
11/6/2021Primal8:20 AMEPIX
11/6/2021NFL Icons (S1:E5)10:00 AMEPIX
11/6/2021Spell10:45 AMEPIX
11/6/2021The Deep House12:20 PMEPIX
11/6/2021Dredd1:50 PMEPIX
11/6/2021The Last Castle3:30 PMEPIX
11/6/2021The Legend of Zorro5:45 PMEPIX
11/6/2021The Untouchables8:00 PMEPIX
11/6/2021NFL Icons (S1:E6)10:00 PMEPIX
11/6/2021Skyfall10:45 PMEPIX
11/7/2021NFL Icons (S1:E6)1:10 AMEPIX
11/7/2021Terminator: Dark Fate1:55 AMEPIX
11/7/2021Peeples4:05 AMEPIX
11/7/2021Monster Trucks6:15 AMEPIX
11/7/2021Euphoria8:05 AMEPIX
11/7/2021Chapelwaite (S1:E10)9:45 AMEPIX
11/7/2021Transporter 310:40 AMEPIX
11/7/2021The Untouchables12:25 PMEPIX
11/7/2021Crimson Tide2:25 PMEPIX
11/7/2021Terminator: Dark Fate4:25 PMEPIX
11/7/2021Skyfall6:35 PMEPIX
11/7/2021Condor (S2:E1)9:00 PMEPIX
11/7/2021Condor (S2:E2)10:00 PMEPIX
11/7/2021Condor (S2:E1)11:00 PMEPIX
11/8/2021Condor (S2:E2)12:00 AMEPIX
11/8/2021Condor (S2:E1)1:00 AMEPIX
11/8/2021Condor (S2:E2)2:00 AMEPIX
11/8/2021That Thing You Do3:00 AMEPIX
11/8/2021Tom Papa: Human Mule4:50 AMEPIX



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