Do you always pay your debts? Are you gold of hair and of purse? Team Lannister all the way?

Let it show!

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Let them hear you roar!


  • wine_tumbler.jpg
    • Every Lannister's wine game is on point - show yours off with these tumblers (also available in black)

  • Gray-hero-zoom.png
    • Let the world know your best qualities with a phone case

  • Clear-hero-zoom.png
    • Or use this case to display a touch of your Lannister gold
  • Lannister-hero-zoom.png
    • Can't commit to a case? Let them see your sigil with a pop socket

  • Tyrion-hero-zoom.png
    • Take it back to post-battle, pre-beard Tyrion

  • Tyrion-hero-zoom (1).png
    • Or live out your King Tyrion fantasies with the Imp on the throne

  • Cersei-hero-zoom.png
    • Bring a bit of Cersei with you everywhere - long live the Queen!

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The final season premieres 4.14 - only on HBO