Starting February 12th-14th, enjoy the STARZ Free Preview on DIRECTV

Experience the variety of original series, hit Hollywood movies, and more available on STARZ. Catch the series premiere of Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham on February 14th @ 9 PM ET as we join Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish on the road trip of a lifetime. And, then prepare yourself for The Luminaries, a mini-series about love, murder, and revenge premiering immediately after Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham @ 9:30 PM ET. 

Tune to channels 525-542.


Here’s how to watch the STARZ Free Preview on all your devices



  1. Open the DIRECTV APP 
  2. Select Watch Live TV and scroll to STARZ (Channels 525-542)
  3. Tap Play and watch LIVE STARZ!



  1. Turn on your TV and press Guide on your remote.
  2. Scroll to STARZ  (Channels 525-542).
  3. Get comfy on the couch and watch LIVE STARZ all weekend long!



  1. Go to DIRECTV.COM and sign in.
  2. Select Guide and scroll to STARZ (Channels 525-542)
  3. Sit back, relax, and watch LIVE STARZ!



Free Preview Schedule


2/12/202112:39 AMThe CookoutSTARZ Encore
2/12/20211:13 AMAlong Came PollySTARZ
2/12/20212:11 AMChristineSTARZ Encore
2/12/20212:48 AMThe Mothman PropheciesSTARZ
2/12/20214:05 AMThree To TangoSTARZ Encore
2/12/20214:51 AMBlade: TrinitySTARZ
2/12/20215:47 AMMaidenSTARZ Encore
2/12/20216:48 AMBruce AlmightySTARZ
2/12/20217:28 AMPlanet 51STARZ Encore
2/12/20218:31 AMAlong Came PollySTARZ
2/12/20219:02 AMThe Mask of ZorroSTARZ Encore
2/12/202110:05 AMFor Colored GirlsSTARZ
2/12/202111:23 AMThe Legend Of ZorroSTARZ Encore
2/12/202112:22 PMSleepless In SeattleSTARZ
2/12/20211:37 PMMaidenSTARZ Encore
2/12/20212:10 PMKingdom of HeavenSTARZ
2/12/20213:18 PMVan HelsingSTARZ Encore
2/12/20214:37 PMGhost Rider Spirit Of VengeanceSTARZ
2/12/20215:33 PMHow HighSTARZ Encore
2/12/20216:16 PMMiles AheadSTARZ
2/12/20217:10 PMRunning ScaredSTARZ Encore
2/12/20218:00 PMEmperorSTARZ
2/12/20219:00 PMThe CookoutSTARZ Encore
2/12/20219:42 PMFor Colored GirlsSTARZ
2/12/202110:32 PMEnd Of WatchSTARZ Encore
2/12/202111:59 PMThe MissingSTARZ
2/13/202112:24 AMDark TideSTARZ Encore
2/13/20212:20 AMThe Pick-Up ArtistSTARZ Encore
2/13/20212:21 AMGhost Rider Spirit Of VengeanceSTARZ
2/13/20213:44 AMBulletproofSTARZ Encore
2/13/20214:01 AMEmperorSTARZ
2/13/20215:10 AMHow HighSTARZ Encore
2/13/20215:43 AMMiss BalaSTARZ
2/13/20216:47 AMEnd Of WatchSTARZ Encore
2/13/20217:31 AMLittle WomenSTARZ
2/13/20218:39 AMCutthroat IslandSTARZ Encore
2/13/20219:49 AMSomething's Gotta GiveSTARZ
2/13/202110:47 AMPredatorSTARZ Encore
2/13/202112:01 PMThe Fiery Cross - Outlander #501STARZ
2/13/202112:37 PMRunning ScaredSTARZ Encore
2/13/20211:07 PMBetween Two Fires - Outlander #502STARZ
2/13/20212:03 PMFree Will - Outlander #503STARZ
2/13/20212:27 PMEnd Of WatchSTARZ Encore
2/13/20213:05 PMThe Company We Keep - Outlander #504STARZ
2/13/20214:04 PMPerpetual Adoration - Outlander #505STARZ
2/13/20214:19 PMBulworthSTARZ Encore
2/13/20215:04 PMBetter To Marry Than Burn - Outlander #506STARZ
2/13/20216:09 PMLittle WomenSTARZ
2/13/20216:11 PMDark TideSTARZ Encore
2/13/20218:08 PMPerfect StrangerSTARZ Encore
2/13/20218:27 PMMiss BalaSTARZ
2/13/202110:00 PMRoxanneSTARZ Encore
2/13/202110:14 PMZombieland: Double TapSTARZ
2/13/202111:50 PMTitanicSTARZ Encore
2/13/202111:57 PMBlade: TrinitySTARZ
2/14/20211:55 AMSEAL Team Six: The Raid on Osama bin LadenSTARZ
2/14/20213:09 AMDeuce Bigalow: European GigoloSTARZ Encore
2/14/20213:30 AMThe MissingSTARZ
2/14/20214:36 AMPerfect StrangerSTARZ Encore
2/14/20215:50 AMSomething's Gotta GiveSTARZ
2/14/20216:28 AMBring It OnSTARZ Encore
2/14/20218:03 AMSleepless In SeattleSTARZ
2/14/20218:10 AMRoxanneSTARZ Encore
2/14/20219:53 AMMaid In ManhattanSTARZ
2/14/202110:00 AMRiver Of No ReturnSTARZ Encore
2/14/202111:34 AMDeuce Bigalow: European GigoloSTARZ Encore
2/14/202111:42 AMThe NotebookSTARZ
2/14/20211:00 PMBring It OnSTARZ Encore
2/14/20211:50 PMThe Ballad Of Roger Mac - Outlander #507STARZ
2/14/20212:41 PMTitanicSTARZ Encore
2/14/20212:50 PMFamous Last Words - Outlander #508STARZ
2/14/20213:56 PMMonsters and Heroes - Outlander #509STARZ
2/14/20214:58 PMMercy Shall Follow Me - Outlander #510STARZ
2/14/20215:59 PMBraveheartSTARZ Encore
2/14/20216:02 PMJourneycake - Outlander #511STARZ
2/14/20217:08 PMNever My Love - Outlander #512STARZ
2/14/20218:03 PMSister Rising - American Gods #305STARZ
2/14/20219:00 PMFood and Drink - Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham #101STARZ
2/14/20219:00 PMPirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger TidesSTARZ Encore
2/14/20219:30 PMFingerprint - Luminaries, The #101STARZ
2/14/202110:30 PMSister Rising - American Gods #305STARZ
2/14/202111:20 PMBring It OnSTARZ Encore
2/14/202111:23 PMFood and Drink - Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham #101STARZ
2/14/202111:54 PMFingerprint - Luminaries, The #101STARZ



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